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The Mini Collection

Pregnant Torso Collection

Pregnant Torso Collection

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Pregnant Torso Collection

Our Mini Mama Collection is almost to good to burn! Inspired by the beautiful pregnant female body. They make the cutest and unique Baby Shower Gift or just something small to reflect how hard you’ve worked as a Mama to grow your baby! 

You may or may not wish to burn your Mama, in the event that you do decide to burn your candle, ensure it is placed in a deep dish to avoid wax damaging surfaces.

C Section Scar can be added to each Mini Mama at no additional cost! As women, we go through hell and back with Endometriosis, pregnancies and so much more. Why not reflect that with a custom scar? 

Please note: Over time your candle will discolour from the fragrance oil so we highly recommend purchasing unscented so your candle can last forever. As each scar is hand sculpted so scars may very in size/location. We do our very best to make them as perfect as possible. 

Height: 9.5cm

APPROX BURN TIME: 45 mins - 1 Hour


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Customer Reviews

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So perfect

This candle is the perfect little decor. Doesn’t need to be lit because you can smell the scent as it is. Cute small size. Delivered straight after I ordered and great price :) perfect gift

Love my candle

Love love love my torso candle, she was even kind enough to put a C-Section scar on it for me. Oh and the caramel sundae sent is amazing!!!!