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The Mini Collection

Full Figure Torso Collection

Full Figure Torso Collection

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Full Figure Female Torso Candle Collection

This full figured female woman is almost to good to burn! She is the ideal REAL woman that I couldn’t be prouder to stock. As women we go through hell and back with Endometriosis, pregnancies and so much more. Why not reflect that with a custom scar? Our Full Figured Female is by far is the cheekiest décor piece we have ever laid our eyes on.

You may or may not wish to burn your lady, in the event that you do decide to burn your candle, ensure it is placed in a deep dish to avoid wax damaging surfaces.

Please note: Over time your candle will discolour from the fragrance oil so we highly recommend purchasing unscented so your candle can last forever. As each scar is hand sculpted so scars may very in size/location. We do our very best to make them as perfect as possible. 

Height: 9.5cm

APPROX BURN TIME: 45 mins - 1 Hour


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We’ve had a set of these for probably around a year now. They haven’t been burnt because they smell amazing and they still look brand new! Top quality!