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The Mini Collection

Female Torso Candle

Female Torso Candle

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Female Torso Candle

As women, we go through hell and back and deserve to be represented as the strong, powerful women we are! Between Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS, pregnancies and so much more you are strong, fierce and beautiful so why not reflect that with a custom scar?

You may or may not wish to burn your lady, in the event that you do decide to burn your candle, ensure it is placed in a deep dish to avoid wax damaging surfaces.

Please note: As we hand make each products, some imperfections may appear such as frosting as the wax is 100% soy wax, it does not affect the overall design. Over time your candle will discolour from the fragrance oil so we highly recommend purchasing unscented so your candle can last forever. As each scar is hand sculpted so scars may very in size/location. We do our very best to make them as perfect as possible. 

Height: 9.5cm

APPROX BURN TIME: 45 mins - 1 Hour


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Customer Reviews

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Hayley Blight

This is just so gorgeous!! I ordered the caramel sundae scent, and it is honestly divine. I love my little art sculpture so much, it means so much to me to feel represented. I think the work Krystal is doing is super important.

Madeline Whittaker-Harris

Female Torso Collection

Perfect Representation

The perfect representation on what an endo sufferers stomach may look like. The detail and thought process that has gone behind this design is incredible!
The Mini Collection, you have outdone yourself!

Georgia Osborne

Absolutley in love with my candle! My female torso candle included beautiful hand sculpted scars that represent not only my physcial scars from multiple endometriosis surgeries but also signify my journey and inner strength in such a beautiful way. Thank you Krystal for the amazing hearfelt work you put into your work! xx

Georgia Davis

Love the concept but feel like my candle was potentially rushed. Endo scars are inaccurate in size and all 3 on lower abdo are practically joined. Not an accurate depiction of laparoscopic scars in general however I do love the sentiment.