Meet Us

Our goal is to fill your space with long lasting scents that will provide hope and comfort through our range. We are striving to bring awareness to inspire/change around Endometriosis and all things women's health.  

Hi, I’m Krystal! 👋🏼

I am the face behind The Mini Collection and who is so passionate about raising awareness for Endometriosis and all things women's health.

I personally have been suffering with pelvic pain, abnormal bleeding and an all over emotional rollercoaster since the young age of 9. After I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis at 23 I knew that working full time for someone else was never going to be achievable. Catering around my flare ups was a MUST! What started off as a candle obsessed hobby very quickly became a full-time dream!  

With a total of 7 excision Endometriosis surgeries and full hysterectomy at the age of 30 and no proper cure for the disease, I knew that she needed to dedicate a large aspect of my life to raising awareness for Endometriosis.

With months of personally testing the right scent during her own flare ups, The Mini Collection released the exclusive Endometriosis Inspired collection, Endo Warrior. 

$2.00 From our Endo Warrior Products are donated to The Pelvic Pain Foundation.

I've made it my personal passion and goal to ensure that we create change and a positive experience for those moving forward that are newly diagnosed with Endometriosis, so that not one has to endure even 1/100 of what I have.

Please remember this is a journey and not a race so if you are needing someone to vent, cry or simply just talk to, my emails and DM's will forever stay open no matter the time of day.

You are not alone Endo Sister, we are in this together!