The Mini Collection is the home of Homemade Soy Candles and the exclusive Endometriosis inspired collection, Warrior.

Here to inspire and create change around Endometriosis whilst filling your space with long lasting scents that will provide hope and comfort.

From our home to yours!

The Ultimate Endometriosis Warrior Collection

No woman should have to endure crippling pain, horrible days of flare ups and worst of all, infertility. Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue similar to the lining of the womb grows outside the uterus and other body parts. With endometriosis, the tissue can be found all over the body. The most common symptoms are pain and menstrual irregularities. The disease effects 1 in 9 woman worldwide. There is no known cure for Endometriosis so we've made it our MISSION to create awareness around the disease through our exclusive Warrior collection.

This gorgeous collection is perfect for anyone newly diagnosed with the disease or just having a really hard time coping with the disease itself.

Meet The Makers

Meet the faces behind The Mini Collection!

Krystal (Owner), Alex (Co-Owner) and our miracle - Amelia!

After Krystal was diagnosed with Endometriosis at 23 she knew that working full time for someone else was never going to be achievable. Catering around her flare ups was a MUST! What started off as a candle obsessed hobby very quickly became a full-time dream!  

After numerous Endometriosis surgeries and no proper cure for the disease, Krystal knew that she needed to dedicate an aspect of her life to raising awareness for Endometriosis.

With months of personally testing the right scent during her own flare ups, The Mini Collection released the exclusive Endometriosis Inspired candle, Warrior.